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3 Qualities That Make A Tuition Institution The Best IB Chemistry Tuition

As the IB education system is gaining the popularity all over Singapore, a number of tuition institutions a have also started to give support and guidance to the students out of the class. It is beneficial for students. However, it is not like all the institutes that offer tuition to the students are good and a student can enroll themselves in any of the institute.

Instead, the good institutions are only few in numbers and it becomes the responsibility of a parent and the student to find the best one for them. Some of the qualities that make an IB chemistry tuition the best on are mentioned here:

  • The institution should have experienced and trained teachers

Teachers are the sole of any educational institute. If any educational institution lacks the experienced and qualified teacher, then it is not called as a good institution. Thus, the students and their parents should check the quality of teachers present in the institution before, take admission into it.

Most of the good institutions hire only the toppers as their teacher.


  • Should take classes in small batches


The difference between a classroom study and a tuition class is the strength present in the class. Normally in schools the strength of a class remains 35-40. But, in tuition class the strength remains in batch is 5-10. In small batches, teachers are able to give focus on each and every student. They understand the capabilities of a student and educate them accordingly. A good tuition institute takes classes in small batches.

  • IB chemistry tuition should follow the IB syllabus

Although, IB has no specified syllabus, still it has an examination pattern and designed curriculum. The tuition institute should know the teaching pattern of IB and educate the students accordingly.