What Is Anti Money Laundering And What Is Anti Money Laundering Course Good For?

anti money laundering course

The anti money laundering course offers an excellent and detailed introduction to the money laundering that is done in an illegal manner. The course also prepares the person for making a career in the same field.

This course is offered by joint universities and it can be taken by the institutes that offer this course. And it can be taken by the students in where in the world including Singapore. This is offered by the Alliance Manchester Business School, affiliated to the University of Manchester. This course is endorsed in the United Kingdom by the Association of British Bankers.

Who can take the anti money laundering course?

  • It can be taken by the staff that work in the same field and handle the money laundering duties.
  • The staff who is handling the financial services and needs an introduction this concept.
  • Those who want to make a career in the field of financial fraud prevention or anti money laundering.

What is taught in this program?

  • Students are given the information about money laundering, financing of terrorism and sanctions.
  • Financial institutions Vulnerability to money laundering.
  • The participants are also taught about the Anti money laundering and to prevent the practices of terrorist financing.
  • Legal way of dealing with anti money laundering.
  • Dealing and preventing terrorist financing following the legal and structural.
  • Obligations management and right approach towards the money laundering.
  • Management of terrorist financing and combating it.

More information about the anti money laundering course can be collected from the institutes that offer this course. Experts in the field are also the right person to take information about this course. And if someone is interested in doing this course, then it should be done from a certified institution.