How To Benefit From MEP BIM Services?

The use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) principles in the projects of the Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) has offered these services a world of good. They will get 3D renderings of the building projects that they have undertaken. They can use the BIM services to good effect and offer better service right from the beginning. This is why many of the people look to hire MEP BIM services for their construction works.

How are MEP BIM services useful?

The MEP firms will be working from the first stage of a building and hence they can carry out the space allocation and the 3D requirements for their equipment and systems. The mechanical engineer will be able to create the 3D drawings of the HVAC systems along with the ductwork layout and piping design. The electrical engineer can use the MEP BIM services to design the electrical components of the building that includes panel, distribution panels and the electrical and power sites of the building. The water plumbing and the gas piping systems can be designed and outlined by the plumbing engineer using the isometric and riser diagrams.

Benefits of using these services in Singapore

  • The use of the MEP BIM services in building construction projects will offer better collaboration among various departments. Each of the team that is working on a design can get access to  the design development and make changes in the design that can be accessed by every other department.
  • If there is any change that causes a difference in opinion or interferes in the other design areas, then they will be visible using the MEP BIM services and can be modified accordingly among the departments.
  • The modeling can analyze the different elements and model it in such a way that the building enjoys peak energy performance.

The use of the BIM modeling by the MEP will also be very helpful in the building maintenance procedures in the future.