What to Do When Buying an All in One Printer

In terms of electronics, it can be a challenge to choose the ones to buy given the many choices available these days; that includes the all in one printer Singapore. There are many options for computer printers that have been manufactured quite recently. That’s why it can be difficult to choose one. But if you plan to buy a printer, you can go for an all in one printer.

Tips on buying all in one printer in Singapore

This type of printer can give you several performances for only a single price. Hence it is known to be economical. There are also many options for this type such as the one with the document feeder and the other unit that has a high-quality printout. You can consider the following tips as a guide for choosing the right printer to use:

  • Figure Out Where to Use It

You have to determine if you are to use your printer for the office or for your home. You also have to think clearly if you will be printing black and white or color documents. This can help you to narrow down your list of options.

If the printer is to be used for the home, an entry level printer is the best option and it can be bought for an affordable rate. It may be able to produce a low quality of printout but it can print faster. The ink cartridge replacements are also cheaper for this type. You have to make sure that it produces high quality photos and it can support documents that are in the 4 x 6, 5 x7 and 8 x 10 format.

  • Get to Know the Jargons

For you to understand clearly the specs of the printer you’re interested in and this can be done by getting familiar with its jargons such as RAM random access memory which is the printer capacity. The higher it is, the better. Another jargon is DPI or dot per inch which refers to the image quality. Also make sure to find a printer that has a memory capacity of 16MB.

For all these and many other features that you may find, you always have to do a research.