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What Is Cell Culture And What Is Its Applications?

cell culture singapore
cell culture singapore

Cell culture is the procedure used for growing different cells. With this culture, prokaryotic, plant cells and eukaryotic cells are allowed to grow under some controlled conditions. However, when it comes to practice, then this is the process, which refers to cells the culturing that is taken from the animal cells.

This process was introduced in 1907, when Ross Harrison, successfully did this experiment.

Cell culture is the vital tool, which is used in molecular and cellular biology, offering excellent model systems useful for doing the study of cell’s biochemistry and normal physiology of cells. Some of the e.g. of this is metabolic studies and the effects of toxic and drugs on cells, etc.

Different applications of cell culture in Singapore

  • Model system

The culture of the cell is used as a model system to do the study of cell biology basics and biochemistry. Also, to perform the study about the interaction between agents that cause disease like virus and bacteria with cells, in-order study the drug’s effect on cells, the aging process, etc.

  • Cancer research

The difference between a cancer cell and a normal cell can be studied monitoring the animal cell culture, the reason for the same is, and both the cells can be cultured in the laboratory. By using the radiation, viruses and chemicals the normal cells can be turned into the cancer cells. Therefore, with the process, the entire mechanism of formation of cancer cells can be studied. The technique can also be used to develop drugs to cure the disease as well.

  • Virology

Cell Culture is also used for the replication of the viruses, which is of great help in the production of different types of vaccines. The technique can also be used to isolate and detect the viruses.