Cloud service for record management in Singapore

“Everything is in the cloud” That was the line taken from a famous movie. Over the years cloud service has become popular, no; let me rephrase that, it has become very popular. There are so many cloud services out there: iCloud, Google drive, Dropbox just to name a few. The point with cloud services is that it makes it more convenient to store your photos of any type of files without using your SD or phone memory card, it also helps you organize your stuffs, you can easily compile different files from office and from home, from various social media to different music. It’s basically a dump (in a good way) to put your files, the best thing is that it’s accessible whenever you want and wherever you are.

Our cloud service

With our holistic approach to managing your printers we also invested in a secure cloud servi
ce solely for our clients. The purpose of this is to help our clients organize their files. With our cloud service clients can now store
their files digitally and help them organize. It makes it easier for clients to access historicaldata rather than dumping it to their servers or worst dumping it in their library where it will use up more space and will take more time just to retrieve a single paper. Imagine trying to search a whole room or even a whole building for a single receipt that was transacted 10 years ago. I’m sure there are people that manage such records, but still you have to get a chair, a ladder, find the row and the column where it was. 10 years of file are not considered antique but it’s been treated as one. So why not m
ake it easier and dump it all in the cloud before it accumulates to that many years.

Professional Solutions for Records Management in Singapore

records management singaporeWith our records management Singapore solutions, our customers will feel at ease when they find the type of security we have for the files that they store, they can always feel assured that their files are safe, secured and easily recovered whenever and wherever they are.

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