Different Types Of Copier And Its Price Range

The photocopy machine is not just a device that can copy a document in color or black and white. On the contrary, it becomes more versatile. With its versatility, more diverse and document related work can be done. The machines have been developed according to the changing requirement of users.

office photocopy machine

Photocopier machine with additional features in Singapore

  • Xerox machine with fax

This Xerox machine comes the built-in fax device. Organizations that have a requirement of both a photocopy machine and fax machine can go with this machine and save the cost of buying two different machines.

  • All purpose Xerox machine

All purpose Xerox machine has everything built in. This includes scanner, printer, copy machine and fax. This device is for single hand use. The small size organization can go with this machine for entire staff use. And a large size organization can take it for individual use only.

  • Colored copy and printer

The machine is integrated with only two features, i.e. printer and copy both in color. This is a very efficient device and gives greater output when used single hand. This device saves a good amount of money when used for long run. Moreover, the machine can be purchased at very competitive price range.

Price range of multipurpose Xerox machine

Variation in the price range of multi-tasking copy machine does not depend largely on the number of functions it can do. But, it is most dependent on its efficiency in executing each task. Price also varies from brand to brand. Usually one can get the multi-functional office photocopy machine in the range of 7000 to 40000.

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