The Disadvantages Of Hot Desking Space

Hot desking space basically means sharing of the desk on which the individual work in an office. Several employees of the company sit on a single workstation and do their work accordingly. Sharing is the most important part of this concept of hot-desking. In Singapore, this concept has several advantages to both the employee and the employer. Both of them benefit from this hot desking space, thus giving a dual advantage, but one has to remember that each and everything has a good and a bad side as well.

The problems of hot desking space

Besides the numerous advantages of the hot desking space, there are some disadvantages as well that are as mentioned below.

  • First and foremost, this desking space has no storage space of a permanent nature which means that all the workers need to carry all their essential items that are required for work. For example, it can be considered that one has to carry the papers, stationeries etc. Now, this becomes very inconvenient to carry all these items on a regular basis to the office and back to desking space
  • The sharing of working space with the other employees of the office can result in a lack of personality. Since there are no dedicated desks for the employees they are not able to put any personal things like the personal stamps on a section of the office. This might result in a lack of warmth or personality in the environment of the office and an uninviting feeling.

In the case of hot desking space, either the seats are all empty or there is simply no place to sit at all. In the offices where there are hot-desking options, the office timings are flexible and a lot of employees get the opportunity to work from home so many seats go empty. On the other hand, when all decides to come to the office there is just no place to seat which is very inconvenient.