Employment Pass Application Requisites

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Getting an employment pass is compulsory for every foreign employee who intends to work in Singapore as a professional. It is also required for every foreign candidate who wishes to own or manage a business or company in
this city.  For getting the pass, one has to apply for it through the prescribed application form issued by the Ministry of Manpower. The application form along with all the documents and proof shall be verified and approved or rejected by the Ministry of Manpower depending on the eligibility of the candidate. The entire process may seem complex if you are applying for the first time. Once the validity of a pass is over, the foreign employee has to again apply for renewing the pass. For simplifying the process, you can hire an employment agency that can help you with the formalities. In this review, we will be considering some of the important requisites of applying for an employment pass.

Submitting an employment pass application

  • For getting an employment pass, the foreign employee or the candidate should be earning a minimum salary of S$3, 300. This basic salary requirement would be more for candidates with work experience.
  • A degree from a recognized university is essential for applying for an employment pass. You have to submit the details of your degree and other qualifications along with certified copies.
  • While submitting the application you need to attach a copy of your resume and a passport-size photo.
  • The employing company should endorse the form with a stamp and signature before submitting.
  • More documents may be required depending on the background of the candidate and the employer.

Finding jobs abroad

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