Fascinating Options for the Perfect Marketing Gamification for You

Motivating the operators of a call center is essential for them to be productive and in a positive state of mind. After all, the success of your brand’s customer service depends primarily on their performance, so any tools or practices that help make them stand out will benefit both your business and your customers. One of these tools is gamification, which is becoming increasingly popular in call centers, and involves transforming work procedures into games. This technique helps to motivate call center teams, to appreciate the quality of their work and to reward them accordingly.

Clearly determine your goals before starting

Before resorting to gamification, make sure to set clear goals with your call center teams to identify how to translate them into everyday agents. What motivates them to give the best of themselves? Are there common goals for a team, such as solving customer problems on the first call, or handling a set number of calls during the day? Understanding motivators and setting clear goals is essential to creating meaningful gambling practices with real purpose. Now you need to know How to Increase Sales with Marketing Gamification.

Use gamification as a tool to measure individual performance

One of the most common uses of gamification is to appreciate the quality of the work of the operators. Call center managers can evaluate each other’s progress with certain data, such as the average time taken to process a call and the rate of resolution of customer problems from the first call, for example. As operators aim to achieve certain goals, managers can judge their motivation and level of progress to determine what improvements to gamification procedures, if needed. Top performers can also be rewarded for their success.

Promote a team spirit through a healthy competition

Another fun and effective strategy is to use gamification to induce healthy competition between colleagues. For example, managers can offer certain benefits to reward operators who record the most new subscriptions to a certain service or who handle the most customer cases in a day. Call center teams can also be competing for the same goal, in a playful atmosphere and driven by a shared desire to succeed.

Make the training sessions more fun

It is always more fun to learn while having fun. So why not turn training sessions into games to assess the skills of agents? Integrating gamification into your training sessions is a fun but constructive way of motivating employees and encouraging their participation, individually or as a team.

Make sure the rewards are meaningful from the point of view of the operators

Both financial rewards and bonuses are likely to be widely accepted and relevant to the top performers, but some of them may prefer other forms of compensation. Offering them certain privileges such as access to seminars outside the company, events or benefits within the call center (such as additional break time or management opportunities), also contributes to stimulate team spirit and employee morale.