The Importance Of Hiring The Best Company Secretary Firm In Singapore

company secretary

It is mandatory in Singapore that any new business must have a company secretary within six months of its inception. They are vital for the smooth and efficient functioning of a business. They take up a lot of roles in the business and ensure that the business is run in compliance with the ACRA’s rules and regulations. There is no resemblance to a secretary and a company secretary and both are totally different positions in a company.

Why outsource a company secretary?

The idea of outsourcing a company secretary is not only prevalent in Singapore, but is very popular all over the world. This way the businesses will get a better chance of controlling the position and will get an experienced, reliable and accountable person to take care of the needs of their startup business. There was a time when outsourcing these professionals was considered to be an expensive affair. This is not the case anymore. There are many companies that are ready to offer the services at competitive prices. The advantages of hiring the best company secretary for any business are as follows.

  • The daily operations of the business will be carried out in an effective and efficient manner. This will lead to the growth of the business.
  • The business will save some money that would have needed to spend on the health, life and disability insurance for the person. As they are outsourcing the person, they need not spend on office space and office equipment.
  • The outsourced person will be well-trained and experience in running a business and therefore will suit all new startup business.
  • All the secretarial functions of the business will be done on time and in an efficient manner in compliance with the law.

This is why more and more businesses are now looking to outsource secretarial services.