Why Learning English Is Crucial

English learning is not only meant for beginners and toddlers. English is known as a universal language in the same way that math is for scientists. However it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the most widely used language. This isn’t the reason why you can easily hear an English-speaking Hindu on the phone once you call a company like Sprint to ask about your monthly bill.

learn English in Singapore

At this point, you might also ask why people like to learn English in Singapore and in any other country as well. You might also wonder why there are many people who like to enroll in an English language course. Clearly it’s not only because they want to join the US Army or work as a nurse in the US. Mostly, it is because English is the most widely distributed language. It is the favorite medium of instruction. People learn ABC in preschool unless the country you reside in has cubes for characters and has a set of speech sounds to use for language.

English for Survival

Any person has to learn English in order to survive in a certain country or a lot of countries. Those who dream of an Ivy League education would benefit well from learning English and setting aside first the four corners of Chinatown. For the entire online world, you’ll see that English means information, communication, and many more. Through this language, you would be able to access several information sources such as books, academic publications, etc. Learning English also has something to do with building relationships. It doesn’t mean just looking for a hot date; it is also useful in developing business relationships. A Chinese businessman can’t partner with a Greek entrepreneur for business if English is not learned. They cannot do any business as well.

For Communication

The most important lesson for learning English language is communication. Remember that about 1,500,000,000 people speak it and 1,000,000,000 are learning it. English is used in daily life; it is also the medium used in mainstream communication and information. Even Colombians have their own English words like “mule” which originally was theirs.