The Must-Have Qualities of a Corporate Gift Shop

corporate-gifts-from-edmaroOne of the effective ways which companies can make their names known is through giving out corporate gifts. A well selected and manufactured gift may both be useful and memorable for your current or potential partners. However, before signing up for an agreement and looking through your available options, it would be necessary for you to list the qualities which would make an efficient corporate gift supplier.

Here are just few of the qualities which you must look for in a supplier:

An extensive array of Corporate Gifts

Whenever you give out gifts through every season and special occasion, it’s always important for you to change things up with every batch. This way, your gift giving will be interesting and something which your clients and partners will be glad to know about. Hence you’ll certainly need to search for a variety of corporate gifts in Singapore.

It would be a plus point if suppliers would have a wide array of ideas when it comes to customised gifts. These may include different formats of apparels, awards, bags, drink ware, IT products, lifestyle merchandise, packaging ideas, stationery and writing instruments.

Has a comprehensive set of extra services

Aside from providing over a hundred options of corporate gifts, it would also be important for you chosen supplier to provide thoroughness with their additional services. For instance, with Logo Services alone, an exceptional service provider would allow for customisation when it comes to designs and materials on your chosen gift products.

Deboss and emboss services are helpful especially if you’d like to showcase your brand’s logo in a certain manner. A lot of other logo processes must be available, so you can come up with the most ideal logo application possible.

A network of other suppliers with well-known brand names

If you’d like to take your brand and merchandise to the next level, you must also have the option to source out the high quality materials which branded apparel usually offer.

Interestingly, some top corporate gift suppliers have already established connections with widely known brands such as Adidas, Casio, Nike, Moleskin and Targus. They can even provide you with options on raw materials which come from OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and ODMs (Original Design Manufacturers).

Look through their portfolio

Another way to know if your potential supplier can fulfil the needs of your merchandise projects is through their portfolio. If they served over 70 companies so far, then you’ll most likely be in reliable hands.

It would even be practical to seek their sample corporate gifts, especially those of companies which belong to similar industries. For instance, if you’re an IT and Communications company you can request for samples which they’ve provided for Singtel and Oracle Corporation.

You must also make sure their contact details would be complete, so coordination and follow ups would be more efficient, if not convenient.

There are many other qualities which must be considered when it comes to choosing your provider of customised gifts in Singapore. Be sure to list up all your other requirements, so you can make the best choice soon.