Need Of Anti Money Laundering Courses

anti money laundering course

Anti money laundering courses are designed to stop the illegal practice of generating an income. In money laundering, people hide their illegal income. They take those steps to show that income is not earned illegally rather legitimately.

Negative effects of money laundering on the society

It maximizes the income with less capital. In this way, there is a very less cash flow in the economy, which hinders the development of India. Other countries like Singapore have zero Money laundering practice due to strict government laws. The imbalance in the cash flow negatively impacts the purchasing power and weakens the currency.

Development in anti money laundering course

Various rules and regulations are taking place globally to stop money laundering. Some international standards are adopted globally. The Financial Action Task Force is working hard to promote an ethical way of earning income. FATF publicly announces the name of the country which is following illegal money laundering practices.

Action for anti money laundering

Anti money laundering course is taking place recently. These courses are for the Police, Managers, individuals, Accountants, Lawyers almost for everyone.

Why one need such courses?

This course is required to counter the terrorism. The whole thing is connected with terrorist financing and it is to combat such illegal financing. The knowledge of such activity should be known to everyone. Its time has come to educate people for Anti Money Laundering.

From anti money laundering training can be done?

The course can be taken at home, though online learning tools. The workshop and training modules are uploaded online. One has to go through them. If there is some problem in understanding the modules then one can have the live tutorial session through online video tutorials. The course material is available online to reach a maximum number of people. The course fee is also not much, as this is done for the social cause.