Night Safari In Singapore Is A Never Forgetting Experience

Night safari is the first wildlife nocturnal park around the World. The park has won the award in best attraction category for 12 times and each year it witnesses over 1.1 million visitors from all over the world. Here, one can see more than 1,000 animals living in their natural nighttime habitats.

Various options for night safari

There are two options present for the people to do the safari,

  • The tram option

This is the star of the safari, a guided tram ride is provided to the visitors that take them to the world’s 6 geographical zones from the Himalayan Foothills to Asian Riverine Forest, in between the route the guide present on the tram guides the visitors and share some fascinating tales and facts and about different animals and their habitats.

  • VIP safari adventure tour

During this tour a dedicated guide is assigned to a small group of people and was taken for detailed view. One can explore more animals than what can be seen from the tram like the giant flying squirrels, Malayan flying foxes and leopards from dedicated glass observatory. Moreover, in this tour one also get the opportunity of seeing the fishing cats doing riverside hunt in the night.

The other attraction of the night safari is Thumbuakar performance filled with thrill, surprises and humor. The tribal warriors here thrill the visitors with their fiery stunts. And in the Creatures of the Night Show, which is an interactive 20-minute show the natural abilities of some of the most enthralling animals is shown.

The tour ends with the wonderful dining experience; here a huge range of delicacies is served in the ambiance of traditional village UluUlu Safari Restaurant. The option of food to move is also present in the night safari.