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Why POP displays are useful

Point of purchase (POP) displays is a form of marketing strategy where products are placed near the checkout area of a shop. POP displays create a point of focus for the consumers especially when there are similar brands of the same product.

As the technology evolution proceeds, the POP displays have advanced to various diverse materials that retailers are spoilt of choices to choose from. For instance, there are counter cardboards, pallet displays, end cap and power wing displays, display bins, case stacker and so on.

However, there three kind of pop displays to choose from.

  1. Temporary displays

These are made to last for a short while, probably just a few months. Therefore, the materials used to make these displays are not expensive.

  1. Semi-permanent displays

These are made to last more than three months but not to exceed a year. At times, these displays are made to hold different kind of products from the same manufacturer to reduce the cost of replacing the display.

  1. Permanent displays

They are made to last of one year to three years or longer. These displays are sophisticated and tend to look like a mini store in a store.

Impact of POP displays on FMCG

  1. Gives ideas to the consumer

POP displays are distinctively eye catching that can persuade a customer to think of buying a particular product even though he/she had not planned for it. This is an important aspect of marketing that helps to increase sales of the fast-moving consumer goods which will be literally moving fast.

  1. Gives extra information about the product

Most people rarely read the labels on the product’s packaging wraps or containers. The POP display illuminates some of the important information that is useful to a buyer. For instance, the pop displays can give the nutritional benefits of buying a particular brand of cereal.

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