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How Do Professional Translation Agencies Handle Your Translation Projects?

Whether it is a single page document that you are interested in getting translated or an entire book, you need to make sure that the Professional Translation agency that you are interested in hiring follows the industry standards and have a whole team in place to take care of your translation project in an efficient manner.

Here is an overview of a typical translation process that most of the Professional Translation agencies follow and information about the key players who play an active role in translating a project whether big or small.

You do not directly interact with the professional human translator when you first approach a Translation service providing agency. It is usually the accounts manager or a sales agent who comes in contact with you while hiring a Professional Translation agency. He/she will first listen to your needs and then communicate them to the project manager or translation team. Once all the details have been shared with the project manager and the translator or translation team, a deal line and price quote is given to the client. If the client agrees to the terms and conditions, the translation project is accepted.

In order to make sure that the translation project is completed as per the specifications and needs of the client, it is important that the accounts manager, the project manager, the translators, and the proofreaders are on the same page.

It is the responsibility of the project manager to organize the team of translators, editors, proof-readers, and other specialists to complete the translation project as per the needs of the client. The major burden of the translation task falls on the shoulders of two persons, i.e. the translator and the editor. Although both of them work for the same goal, but their tasks are entirely different. It is the job of the translator to translate the project into a language specified by the client in the best way possible and in the stipulated period of time. Once the translator is done with his/her task, the role of the editor comes into play. The editor is responsible for reviewing the work. He/she focuses on a lot of things like vocabulary used, grammar, style, formatting, and text. If the editor is not fully satisfied with the quality of the translation, he/she may ask the translator to do the necessary changes. The translator will keep on making the changes till the editor is fully satisfied with the results.

It is only when the editor is fully satisfied with the translation; the final project is handed over to a third party who checks it for punctuation, coherence, spelling and other minute details. Now the project is ready to be delivered to the client. This is a typical translation process that most of the professional Translation service providers follow.

In case you are hiring the services of a freelance human translator, you do not see a lot of these key players and the human translator usually do not follow the typical translation process mentioned above.