Recruitment Agency In Singapore Understand The Work Culture Of Any Company

Recruitment agency in Singapore personally meets employers and visits their companies to understand their work culture. This also gives them an insight into what personal characteristics to look for in a candidate to recruit for any company. Companies could have a formal or an informal work culture. A candidate who is recruited for an organization is given a brief about the work culture, code of conduct, as well as dress code if they follow the same. The new recruit is prepared for the induction program for the company they are recruited into. These are the agencies the source and research for the right candidate and keep of the database of the suitable candidates.

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Evaluation and background check done by recruitment agency

It is a golden rule not to lie on the resume. It is the responsibility of the recruitment agencies to perform a thorough background check on the candidate about their credentials and records. They also evaluate the skills and experience of a jobseeker before they send them for the final hiring. Many companies depend completely on these agencies to find a reliable candidate. It helps them hire and train the new recruit to follow all the procedures used in the organization. They also ensure that the candidate who is recruited by them fits the role and proves their caliber during the initial months of their jobs.

Recruitment agencies are committed to recruiting the best candidate

At any time if the candidate they select fails to perform in the first three months, recruitment agencies find another candidate for no fee taken from the companies. They strive to build better relations with the companies by searching for hardworking and smart individuals who are top performers. Regular reports of employee performance are sent to these agencies for assessment. They also provide feedback and suggest any additional training required by the job seeker to help them improve their performance. They will be in contact with the organization for an entire year to receive feedback when they recruit an employee for them.