Significance Of Shipping Crew Services Stocking Protein Onboard

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When we talk about protein supplements, you tend to think about athletes and body builders. Well, you have forgotten about seafarers. Shipping crew services are really significant as they are supposed to take care of several things. Shipping crew services tend to do lots of manual services. As a result, they need protein to survive harsh environments. It will keep them strong and healthy. When it comes to a normal human being, he is supposed to take 45-56 grams of protein via food. But in the case of those who engage in hard labor on board, they need to have alternate protein sources. This is important to keep up with the nutrition. Speaking of the popular protein supplements, we have choices like rice, soy, egg, casein, milk, etc. When it comes to each food item, there are pros and cons to deal with. Let’s see why shipping crew services stock protein on-board.

Shipping crew services in Singapore

  • Shipping crew services are meant to stack up protein on board. Coming to whey protein products, they possess high biological values. Also, they are regarded fat-free.
  • This will improve the body’s ability to absorb protein in a quick manner. As a result, the seafarers can reduce the intake of calorie. It will also help reduce the level of gherkin, a hormone which is responsible for hunger.
  • Also, consuming whey protein before breakfast can be really helpful in controlling the glucose levels. Or in other words, it will help control the diabetes. It also improves the insulin response of the body. This acts like some anti-diabetic drugs available in the market.
  • Several studies have backed up the claim that whey protein can help fight the free radicals which are responsible for common cancer. It is especially helpful in fighting colon and prostate cancer.

Protein is a must

You have heard it right. Crew services Singapore will be responsible for this. When you have the right crew service in Singapore at your disposal, this problem will be taken care of.