How Time Attendance System Singapore Works?

If you have worked in an office set up, you would know that there are a lot of systems that are managed and taken care of. One of the systems that all employees are expected to follow is the system of attendance. If you are following it, you mostly know how it works. There are a lot of various ways that offices employ to mark the attendance of their employees. There are some companies that still depend on the use of registers. But they are slowly being phased out and are being replaced by electronic systems of attendance.

There are a lot of ways that a time recorder in Singapore works

  • There is something that is called a biometric sensor that is often used to mark attendance. These work, with the fingerprint of a user and can be conveniently used by the user. First, when the machine is being installed, the system will read the user’s fingerprint and save it. It creates a database initially, which it then uses later to identify users.
  • If you are using a flash card, then that is also a way of marking attendance. It is embedded with a chip and can be swiped at a part near your main entrance day. Both of these devices work in the same way. They tend to gather a database and then use it to save data for future use. These systems are pretty smart in collating data and then using it to generate lists. You can easily check the number of days you have come to the office or taken a leave. This takes care of a big responsibility on the part of the company and they let it take care of employee records. In a lot of companies, this is the default time attendance system. They will often use this in conjunction with an intranet that the office might have.