Top Value Added Services of a Maids Agency in Singapore

Are you looking to make it in your home service career? If so, then it would be a great idea if you could have the support of a top Maids Agency in Singapore. Aside from providing you with the standard processes to ensure your employment with a good household, it is a definite plus to seek their other services to ensure you’ll be fully covered.

Support top Maids Agency in Singapore

Here are just some of the top value added services which you may consider, upon working with a Maids Agency in Singapore:

Work permit renewal

It’s definitely great news if you will be receiving an extension with your employer. If the household you’re working for is quite happy about your services, then they’d most probably request for you to lengthen your service. This is where your chosen Maids Agency in Singapore would be quite helpful.

By adding in a work permit renewal as part of their service, you can focus more on your responsibilities without being hassled by paperwork and documentation. Your chosen Maids Agency in Singapore would have sufficient experience in handling their employees’ documents anyways, hence it’s much faster for them to get your permit going. The same practice would also be applicable with passport renewals.

Home leave processing

Taking a vacation would serve as a great breather for you. After spending time with friends and family, you’ll feel recharged plus rejuvenated to get back to work. There are top agencies which bring in Indonesian and Filipino Maids in Singapore, and they can implement an excellent job to ensure the housekeepers will be getting their leaves.

Home Leave Processing is one necessary, value added service which you must consider as an employee. With a well drafted set of processing documents, you’ll be assured to have a job to get back to, right after your vacation.

Some other value added services which you must consider would be Professional Work Passes, a Malaysian Work Permit, Passport Renewal and many more. If you have additional concerns or even paperwork which you need help with, be sure to raise them up to your agency. This way, you’ll be sure all your paperwork will be well documented. These documents will then serve as your bases for current and future employment.