Tour APAC Region Is Incomplete Without Singapore Sightseeing

Singapore is also known as the Republic of Singapore and because of good presence of Lion in the country, it is also called as Lion city. The other names of the place are the Little Red Dot and the Garden city. The city has the main island, which are Singapore and 62 islets. Because of the conservation and greening policy of Singapore, the city has a huge flora and fauna.

It has wildlife, forest gardens and the skyscrapers. In addition to that, Singapore sightseeing has many more amusements. It is known for its nightlife, clubs, pubs and market. In Asia, this is the only country that has got AAA certificate. The certificate is given to the places that are good in every sector.

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Some of the Singapore sightseeing are

  • Marina Bay Stand

The magnificent Marina Bay Sands resort complex has a hotel, a mall having canal running between it, high-end luxury brands, the Museum of ArtScience, and the SkyparkMarina Bay Sands – a point from where, one can get the breathtaking glimpse of the entire city. The viewing deck of Skypark and infinity pool is on the ship that has the hotel over it. This is the reason that exclusively hotel guests are allowed to use the infinity pool. However, observation deck can be visited by anyone.

  • Singapore Flyer

This is the observation wheel which is largest in the world. One can sit here and have the view of the entire city and not only that, but the view of adjoining Spice Islands of Indonesia, which is the neighboring country of Singapore.

In addition to these, there are many Singapore sightseeing present that one can come to the country and enjoy it. The country also gives quick access to Malaysia, India.